Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To Tuesday

There are so many awesome tutorials on Pinterest. It never ceases to
amazes me how willing people are so share their great ideas. Here's
a few projects that I think are quite practical and worth passing on. The
original source is of course credited.

Kleinworth & Co.
No re-wiring necessary!

Sew Much Ado.com

Just a Little Creativity.com

Made From Pinterest.net

Martha Stewart.com
Pre-soak in salted water--they will release a bunch of
their moisture before cooking. They they will crisp up
without burning.

Any tips or tricks that you have learned on Pinterest?

I can tell you that my oven fries are a whole lot 
better now that I have learned the trick to making
them crispy!

And I am seriously thinking about replacing some can lights 
in my kitchen. 
The tutorial is amazingly simple. Or at least it appears so.

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