Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12 Easy Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

Vintage items can be used very effectively in Christmas decor. Here
are some ideas that I rounded up--any of which would add a nostalgic
touch to your home for the holiday season without breaking the bank.
So look around and see what you have on hand. You may be surprised--
vintage doesn't have to be 100 years old!

 You need a new cheese grater anyhow, don't you?
And you can always add the rust spots!

 Check your attic, garage, basement, curbsides, or
Goodwill for an old worn out chair, even a rocking chair.

Drag out that silver you never use and 
DON'T even think about polishing it!

Shabby chic!
Source: Flickr

 Primitive dough bowl and vintage ornaments

Greenery in a watering can

Cranberry Mason Jar Floating Candle

Vintage Jewelry Christmas Tree
Source: Sussle

Old crate filled with logs and greenery

Vintage sled all decked out
Source: Finding Home

Christmas shovel

Gather your clear vintage vessels, fill with
small Christmasy things and display as a grouping
Source: The Farm Chicks 

Looking for more?
Check out my suggestions for


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