Sunday, November 17, 2013

Craft Boutique Weariness

The craft boutique is behind me and I don't want to think about crafting for
who knows when! I sold quite a bit including some of my favorite items, but
 brought way too much home. I learned that my non-traditional wreaths have
no competition, and I should have skipped the greenery altogether. It's all
trial and error.

The most satisfying part is talking to the people, hearing their stories, and
finding out who they are purchasing the item for and why.

This is why I craft:

For the grandmother in the nursing home who was going to enjoy my sparkly
Christmas wreath.

For the friend back in Iowa who was going to receive my burlap wreath. This
lady saw it on Friday but wanted to look at everything else first. (That is what
you hear a lot when your booth is one of the first of 67 vendors!) She was too
tired when she got to the end to come back, so she came back on Saturday. She
decided that if it was still there, it was meant to be, and it was. Not only was it
her friend's style, but it was light-weight, and would be easy to pack.

For the psychologist who was moving to a new office and was going to decorate
it in French motif. She bought 5 items.

For the numerous people who smiled and bought my tea light birthday cakes.
One lady bought six because last year she had not bought enough and some of her
family members were "put out" because they did not get one.

For the young lady who I found out from a friend the next day who visited my
booth that she was "over the moon" about the felt wreath that she purchased
for her office. She was calling everyone up to come by and see it.

But the most moving....I framed the lyrics from Josh Grogan's song  It was the
perfect picture for the frame I had with the deep red matting that matched the
heart in the picture.

You Raise Me Up
so I Can Stand on Mountains
You Raise Me Up
to walk on Stormy Seas
I am Strong
When I am On Your Shoulders
Your Raise Me Up
to More than I can be.

Just after I put this out, a lady came along and put it in her bag. I had to tell her
it was one of my favorite songs and that was why I had decided to frame it. She
told me that this song had been played at her mother's funeral and that she had
not been able to attend. She had to have it. I hugged her and knew it had found
just the right home. I can't tell that story without sobbing.

Today I am flying to San Jose, CA to join a sorority sister. We are going to a
Road Scholar Program in Soquel -- Vegetarian Cuisine, Buddist Ways of Thinking,
and Building Energy Through Qi Gong. At least I won't be crafting and it should
be relaxing.

Have a great week.

I'll show you details when I get back in town.

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