Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Do You Say Thank You?

While searching for something to add to this greeting,
I came across this article and it hit home.
It was written by Emily Post, the all-time expert
on manners and etiquette, and addresses the subject of
Who Needs A Thank-You Note?

Since we are all grateful when remembered throughout
the year with gifts from family and friends, just how do
you show your appreciation?

Who needs a note?
All gifts should be acknowledged with a note, unless the goodies were opened
in ront of the giver--then you have the chance to thank them in person. 
Who should write the note?
The person who received the gift should write the note. Group notes are
acceptable for Aunt Patty who sent the household a group present--just ask
each recipient to sign. For couples, it's perfectly fine to split the notes for
gifts you received together. For kids, parents can get creative and involve them.
When should thank-you notes be written?
Write your note as soon as possible, and don't hesitate if you feel you're late.
A ate note is always better than no note at all.
Can a thank-you note be creative?
Absolutely. Incorporating photos, children's drawings--anything at all  that
compliments the sentiment is appropriate. Just remember to include a short
written thank-you note.
What about e-mail?
The reality of email thank-yous, much like email itself, is of emotional distance.
An email to your grandmother is simply not as personal as a note written in
your own hand. So if you have a casual relationship with the gift giver and you
correspond via email regularly, an email thank-you may be appropriate. For
most other people, the written thank-you is your best for an expression of
warm, heartfelt thanks. 
How do I make writing thank-you notes fun?  
If you have a list, schedule s few different days to write your notes, and
each time give yourself a little something to make it interesting: music, a
glass of wine, a cup of tea, some chocolate. Take the time to yourself for
writing out thank-you notes, don't wedge it in between laundry, a TV
show and extra work from the office. You'll be able to think more clearly
and your focus will translate to the page. Above all, try to enjoy yourself.
Giving thanks shouldn't be a chore--and doesn't have to be if you make the
effort to keep it interesting.
I am a firm believer in notes--who doesn't like to receive a hand-written
message hat someone has actually taken the time to write? Isn't that the
least we can do for the person who has taken the time, money, thought,
and care in wrapping and delivering to you an expression of love and
good will?

What do you think? Would love to hear from you! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Craft Boutique Weariness

The craft boutique is behind me and I don't want to think about crafting for
who knows when! I sold quite a bit including some of my favorite items, but
 brought way too much home. I learned that my non-traditional wreaths have
no competition, and I should have skipped the greenery altogether. It's all
trial and error.

The most satisfying part is talking to the people, hearing their stories, and
finding out who they are purchasing the item for and why.

This is why I craft:

For the grandmother in the nursing home who was going to enjoy my sparkly
Christmas wreath.

For the friend back in Iowa who was going to receive my burlap wreath. This
lady saw it on Friday but wanted to look at everything else first. (That is what
you hear a lot when your booth is one of the first of 67 vendors!) She was too
tired when she got to the end to come back, so she came back on Saturday. She
decided that if it was still there, it was meant to be, and it was. Not only was it
her friend's style, but it was light-weight, and would be easy to pack.

For the psychologist who was moving to a new office and was going to decorate
it in French motif. She bought 5 items.

For the numerous people who smiled and bought my tea light birthday cakes.
One lady bought six because last year she had not bought enough and some of her
family members were "put out" because they did not get one.

For the young lady who I found out from a friend the next day who visited my
booth that she was "over the moon" about the felt wreath that she purchased
for her office. She was calling everyone up to come by and see it.

But the most moving....I framed the lyrics from Josh Grogan's song  It was the
perfect picture for the frame I had with the deep red matting that matched the
heart in the picture.

You Raise Me Up
so I Can Stand on Mountains
You Raise Me Up
to walk on Stormy Seas
I am Strong
When I am On Your Shoulders
Your Raise Me Up
to More than I can be.

Just after I put this out, a lady came along and put it in her bag. I had to tell her
it was one of my favorite songs and that was why I had decided to frame it. She
told me that this song had been played at her mother's funeral and that she had
not been able to attend. She had to have it. I hugged her and knew it had found
just the right home. I can't tell that story without sobbing.

Today I am flying to San Jose, CA to join a sorority sister. We are going to a
Road Scholar Program in Soquel -- Vegetarian Cuisine, Buddist Ways of Thinking,
and Building Energy Through Qi Gong. At least I won't be crafting and it should
be relaxing.

Have a great week.

I'll show you details when I get back in town.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Holiday Boutique is Finally Here

The Holiday Boutique starts tonight! I apologize for being MIA for so long but
thanks for sticking with me. This is kind of like getting ready for a wedding for
a whole year and now finally, suddenly it is here, and lasts for three days. We
set up the display that my amazing son-in-law crafted for me, keeping in mind
that it had to be a no-brainer to assemble! He did a great job. Even with a car
and a truck packed full, I still have more stuff to take up today. My vintage
snowman on the right sidebar is one of the items.

I am trying to deglitter the house, but that is not an easy task if you ever work
with it. I see some on my husband's face every one in a while and try not to
giggle! It only looks good in the right places, not on leather couches and Indian
rugs. It is kind of like that green Easter grass that used to show up everywhere!

I'll take pictures--promise.

I'm praying my load is light coming home. I could use your prayers too!

Hope all is well with each and every one of you.

"Friends create the world anew
each day. Without their loving
care, courage would not suffice
to keep hearts strong for life."
--Helen Keller
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