Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sea Shell Wreath

My wreath-making continues and today's theme is sea shells! Don't you
just love them? So many colors and shapes--truly another of God's works
of art.

I started with a willow wreath and began at the bottom.
I made the glass bobber out of a clear Christmas
ornament and the netting was what some shells
had been wrapped in that a got from Goodwill 
a while back. I almost destroyed it before I had
that "ah hah moment.!"

My sweet daughter brought the driftwood back
from the shores of Kauai last February--it was just what 
I needed to anchor the glass ball and also to place
around the wreath.
If the shell was concave, I glued some cotton inside
so that there was something to adhere to the wreath.
A lot of hot glue later and a little moss here and there, 
and there you have it.

The hanger is two burlap circles,
the top one inside the other, like
a chain.

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