Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mah Jongg Tip--Playing a Concealed Hand

Playing a concealed, or closed hand in mah jongg is more challenging,
yet exciting and pays more if you are lucky enough to complete it. I
had someone email me regarding the following hand, and I have also
been asked this question while playing mah jongg. Some players have
avoided this hand because they were just not sure if they were going
to do it correctly. It is the concealed hand under 2013.

              FFFF DDD 2013 DDD (Any 2 Dragons, 2 or 3 Suits)

Everyone seems to understand how to make this hand using all 3 suits,
but what about using 2 suits??? Here's how. 

Make the 2013 using any suit. Then make pungs of any 2 dragons, red
and green, green and soaps, or soaps and red. Don't over-think it! Just 
use 2 out of the 3 dragons to chose from, and you know how to make 
the 2013, using any suit with the soap for the zero. 

                      Now-----you can do it! Go girl firiend!

                                               Happy Clicking! 

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