Friday, October 4, 2013

Embellished Fall Wreath

Not everyone feels that they can make a wreath from scratch, but does not
want to sink a lot of money into a pricey one either. There is an alternative.
Purchase a simple, inexpensive one and embellish it yourself. Here's an example
of how you can do that very easily with very few supplies that you can either
gather from nature or the craft store.

 I found this wreath in my garage. Imagine it with just the 
branches and the berries. (Sorry I did not take a before
picture.) It was pretty bare. 

I started by adding the slender pinecones all around the center,
adhering them with my hot glue gun. 
Ladies, even if you are not a super crafter, a small hot glue gun
can be used for so much more than crafts and only cost a few dollars!
You can find them at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

After I went all the way around with pinecones, I added another
where I could between the two, creating another row. 

I added more branches from my yard, wooden acorns, and more berries.
I cut off all the old berries that had cracked. 
And then finally, I glued in Spanish moss around the center.

It may even get some silk fall leaves now that I cleaned out another
closet and found my fall stash I bought after the season last year!
There's some small ones that would just be the right size.

Down in the corner I put out my pumpkins on a fence
that I made way back when my adult children were
little back in Illinois in the late 70's. It traveled all the way cross country 
with us 29 years ago.
This year I wrapped a leaf garland around but I'd say it's 
held up pretty well!

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