Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Avoid Jet Lag (and other travel tips)

I'm back from my trip to London, PARIS, and Amsterdam and will be
sharing more about that later. I have found that the best time to make a
list of travel tips to remember for next time is right after returning from
a trip.

So I am going to share a few things that worked for me and then a few
ideas that I want to remember for next time.

An Effective Way to Avoid Jet Lag Using Melatonin
(This worked great for me!) 
Take .5 milligrams for a few days before your flight. If you are traveling
 west to east, take it in mid-afternoon.   
If  you are traveling east to west, take it in the morning.
Don't drive immediately after taking Melatonin.
Also: See some daylight when you get to your destination; in addition to
taking the Melatonin, try to have a regular daily routine.
It is best to get the synthetic type of Melatonin because it is purer than the
natural type.
Note: There is a lot of information about this on the internet and may vary
Just Google it. This is just from one source. 
Regarding converters--This is the second over-seas trip where the converter
burned out my curling iron.
I learned my lesson after the last trip and this time brought Velcro rollers as
a back-up. I sure was glad I had them!
Regarding credit cards--We found that many places did not accept
 American Express
cards. Be prepared! Make copies of all your cards, passports, and other
identification and keep them in a hotel room safe or secure place, and also
leave a copy of everything at home.  
Regarding weather--Before you leave, check the weather of your destination
and bring rain gear and umbrellas if needed. You will avoid having to purchase
it on the trip if you do. Who wants to spend vacation money on stuff you have at
home if you can avoid it!
Regarding time--If you are used to keeping track of time via your phone but are
not bringing it because it does not work where you are going, consider wearing a
watch. Even if you don't wear one on a regular basis, most of us have one in our
jewelry box.
Regarding cameras--Consider buying a fresh battery for your camera so yours 
does not die during the middle of the day and you miss great shots. Or take a
spare battery.  
Last but not least, my son read-- Take half as many clothes and
twice as much money.

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