Thursday, September 26, 2013

20 Fall Goodies and Printable Tags

I've rounded up all sorts of sweet treats that will make the
perfect gift for a teacher, hostess, neighbor, or friend for
the fall holidays.

 Get ready to be dazzled by amazing creativity!

Pecan Praline Sauce (and more) with fall gift tags @
Halloween treat (candy in insulated cup)
with tag (eat, drink, and be scary) @
Winnie the Pooh Dipped Hunnycomb Treats @
Halloween treat tags @ The Crafting Chicks
Muffin gift basket @ Darling Doodles
Halloween cupcake topper on store-bought cupcakes @
Thanksgiving place setting treats @
Halloween treat tags and bags @
m & m monster treat covers @
Pecan, chocolate, and oatmeal cookies @
Fall treat tags @
NOTE: for great Banana Bread recipe,
go HERE. 
It's made in a blender or food processor,
and it is the best ever!
It makes up in a jiffy.
Homemade caramels and printable chocolate box @
Halloween cookies in a jar @
Pumpkin bread gift with grateful printable @
Thanksgiving blessing mix and gift tag @
Frankenstein Rice Krispie treat @
 Baked with love tags @
Monster madness for breakfast @
Use orange chocolate sticks or orange candies with tag @
Take a can of sweetened condensed milk and remove the
label. Get the kind that has
 the pull off lid. (Kroger)
Put in a large pot and cover with water.
.Boil in hot water for 2-1/2 hours.
Do not let the water get below the can.
Let cool overnight.
Voila--there you have it! 
Yummy caramel dip for apples
that has been cooked in a can.
Print off one of the cute labels and
attach with double-stick tape.
Disclaimer--I have not tried this yet
but it sure sounds awesome!

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