Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Difference Between Chevrons and Zigzags

Hey, hey, I actually do still make my own cards! Here is a quick one
I put together with my zigzag punch by EK Success, the one that looks
like rick rack ribbon. I remember sewing with that stuff back in the good
old days! 

Have you noticed that the ever so popular
CHEVRON looks just like ZIGZAG...
or is it just me?

Now there seems to be a great debate as to whether there
is a difference between chevrons and zigzags.
It is illustrated and discussed in this article. 
According to some, the above examples would
not be considered chevrons at all because of the continued pattern.
To others, chevron is just an updated, or more modern
name for zigzag.
And to others, the illustrations in the mentioned article are not even

So I guess it can be whatever you want it to be!

And then there is the herringbone...

Ok, I'm seeing zigs, or are they zags?


  1. Donna, your card is AWESOME!!!! I'm totally lovin' it so much. You're making me try to find a punch like that! Great colors and design and a perfect card!

  2. I love the card and love the post!



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