Thursday, August 15, 2013

French Bread Basket

My love of French-inspired crafts continues as my one-day trip 
to Paris gets closer and closer! Oh, I'm excited about London
and Amsterdam too, where we will actually be spending more
time, but this side trip to Paris has me over the moon! I'm already
dreaming of my return trip when I can spend more time there!

So I found this treasure at Goodwill a few months ago and it reminded
me of a bread basket. Then when I found this printed burlap at Joann's
some time later, I thought they made a perfect marriage!

And if you love Paris too, 
here's a wonderful book....

It's a historical fiction with a lot of French history!
It follows the lives of six families through many
generations, so be prepared for a lot of names
and jumping back and forth between centuries.
If you love history, this is for you!

I especially loved the part about the building of the
Eiffel Tower, since I am intrigued by it and
can't wait to see it!

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  1. Love this frenchy! You are going to LOVE Paris! :-) Thanks so much for sharing at The scoop!...hugs...Debbie


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