Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mah Jongg Etiquette

Just like any game or sport, there is etiquette in  mah jongg
which makes it a more enjoyable to play if everyone knows
and follows guidelines. Basically, they are not rules, per se,
but simply showing  respect to your fellow players.  

Here are a few:

1. When the tiles are being dealt, wait until after they are all dealt
before you put them on your rack. Until then, just leave them face
down. You can line them up, but do not turn them over until East
has completed the deal.

2. During the game, do not whine about what terrible tiles you have,
or the fact that you did not get dealt any jokers, or are not drawing
any jokers. Be a good sport. The next game may be better. Or some
days the joker gods is just not with you. No one gives a hoot and no
one wants to hear about it. No one will want to play with you.

3. When someone calls mah jongg, first of all, do not throw in your
tiles. Look to make sure she has a legitimate mah jongg, because
if she does not, the game continues. But to be polite, acknowledge
her hand and compliment her on her success before you lament about
the one tile you needed for your mah jongg or whatever else you want
to say about your hand. Because isn't there always something you want
to say about why it just didn't quite come together for you? Or why you
are glad that that game is finally over so that you can move on to the next.

Better luck next time.

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