Friday, August 16, 2013

Fleurs de Jardin

Here's a simple card I made with some very old Hero Arts stamps.
The stripes is  rectangular stamp that I stamped  a few times to create the
background for the singular flower. The flower stamp was inked with
markers and then huffed before pressed to paper.

 Coreopsis is a lovely perennial that we
have in our garden. Looks like I
have some spent flowers that need
to be plucked! It just keeps blooming
and blooming all summer.

Here's two more of our perennials--
Golbin Blanket Flower, or Gaillardia, on the left,
and Dianthus on the right.

This perennial is Speedwell--Veronica spicata.
I call her Veronica, and I love her long spikes of 
rose flowers!

 This pretty marigold plant brings to mind our dear friend that we lost 
last year whose favorite flower was the marigold.
We have them throughout our garden.

Marigolds are known as the "herbs of the Sun" and are very
symbolic in the east Indian culture. When we traveled to India 
in 2008, single marigolds were left as offerings in temples, used in
garlands, in wedding ceremonies, and sold all over the cities and towns
for every occasion.

This is Russian Sage, another perennial, which borders the back tier
of our garden. Behind you see the tall pines behind our summer home
in northeast Arizona. 

I hope you have a wonderful week-end!

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