Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eclectic Recycled Works of Art

Call it recycling, repurposing, upcycling, reusing--the process 
of changing materials into new products to prevent waste of 
potentially useful materials. What I am talking about today are
those people who can look at something and turn it into
something that is totally unrelated to the raw material. It takes
imagination, creativity, and often just a bit of quirkiness!

Here's some examples I rounded up showing just what some
people have managed to create out of ordinary objects. Rather
than end up in a dumpster and ultimately in the city dump, these
objects have been turned into some really amazing "works of art."
Enjoy the show.

Hubcap Christmas tree @

 Garden mushrooms from old glassware: dishes and floral vases @

 Garden hose wheel turned into wine rack
source unknown

 Car tires upcycled into colorful furniture
source unknown

 Book Christmas tree@

 Window cornice of plates @

Use old picture frame corners like tiles
source unknown

Bicycle used at bathroom vanity
source unknown

 Antique sled becomes a pot rack @

Old ladder used to shelf books
source unknown

Golf club paper towel holder @

Speaks for itself!
source unknown

Wine bottle Christmas tree
source unknown

Water bottle house
source unknown

Aluminum can evergreens @
Aluminum.org (tutorial)

 Turn vintage hats into lighting pendants
source  unknown

 Once a birdcage, now a chandelier @

This would make you look twice!
source unknown

The versatile tennis ball
source unknown

Recycled jeans pot plant holder
source unavailable

 Bra purse
source unknown

Pallet tree
source unknown

Bottlecap headpiece adorned by an Ethiopian child
source unknown

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