Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Star-Spangled Wreath

Labor Day is fast-approaching and so I thought it was due time to
show you my patriotic wreath. There are many versions of red, white.
and blue wreaths all over Pinterest, so this is my take on it.

I started with a grapevine wreath and
began attaching the flowers at the top left and working
my way down the wreath. It is not easy to find
blue flowers!
When I got to the second bunch of reds, I attached
the flag, anchoring the top and bottom to the wreath.
Then I utilized the blue flowers for accent
and finished up on the right side of the
I purposely wanted the flowers to be higher
on the left side than on the right.
I read somewhere that to make a wreath look
more realistic, add natural materials, so I added
some thin branches that I gathered from the yard.
They do not show up very well, but they are there.
Then I remembered that I had purchased this star
stand at my favorite store--Goodwill--
a few months ago.
It has a hook on it that was perfect for hanging the wreath.
If I sell this wreath at the boutique in November,
I think the stand may have to be a part of it, as I
think it adds a lot to the whole look.
Do you see the gold stars down by the blue flowers
on the left? They are right off a Christmas bunch.
And there you have it--my Patriotic Wreath.

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