Monday, August 5, 2013

A Book Recommendation

If you enjoyed Jeannette Walls'memoirs
The Glass Castle and Half Broke  Horses,
you will enjoy her latest book, The Silver Star.
No, I take that back--there were some 
readers who were slightly disappointed,
others very disappointed.
But I enjoyed it just as much as the other two.

So if you would consider reading it, go to,
read the reviews and you decide.
Or just take a chance and give it a try.
See if it grabs you.

It's an easy read--288 pages.
I read it in one day.

It was my first Kindle read.
I could not get it in time from the library
to read it for book club meeting later today
so my friend loaned me her Kindle.
I have been resisting the Kindle as I thought I had 
to hold a real book in my hand to enjoy it, 
but I was wrong.
It was great!
Your thumb is right there on the side to press
for turning the page. You don't have to lift a finger!
And it can rest right on your chest if you are reading in bed.
It is so light-weight!
I was stubborn and I admit it!

Speaking of book clubs,
I found out last week that one of
the ladies in my book club in the Valley (Phoenix) just won
 a million dollars in the lottery!
You can read her story HERE.

She was at the Circle K getting a Big Gulp.

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