Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Making Your Own Jewelry

When you have an outfit that you want to accessorize with jewelry,
sometimes it is just easier, and more fun, to just make your own,
rather than search all over for the right pieces! With just a few basic
skills, I was able to whip up these stretchy bracelets and matching 
earrings in no time. 

I have pretty good luck finding beads at Hobby Lobby (clearance aisle for 
the green ones), Michaels, and JoAnns. All three places often have
their strands and finding on sale for 30-50% off.

There are many video tutorials on jewelry-making, so my suggestion
would be to just Google it and look at a few until you find one
that is clear and concise, and give it a try!

The hardest part for me was learning how to wire wrap an earring.
Again, look at the videos, and practice, practice, practice.
Once you get it, it's easy, peasy!
If I find the video that SPOKE to me, I'll edit this and let you know
where it was. It was a different approach than all the others but worked
for me. Unfortunately, it is saved on my other computer which I do not
have access to for a few weeks.   

And there you have it....

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely agree. It is easier to just make your own jewelry to match up an outfit. In this way you know that you love it because it is you design. And I guess making your own jewelry is one great way to look fashionable without spending much.


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