Friday, July 19, 2013

Eiffel Tower Book Set

I mentioned the other day that I am having a love affair with French-inspired
crafts lately. I think it's harmless--I don't think my husband will mind. I don't
think anyone will get hurt, not even my bank account. I'm pretty frugal and
get many of my craft supplies at Goodwill! I love a good hunt!

Did I mention I'm going to Paris in September? Oh, I think I did earlier in the
week! I mentioned also that I would be sharing some of my Frnechy crafts so
here's the first one.

One of my favorite blogs is Confessions of a Plate Addict. Debbie writes about
decorating, traveling, and thrifting...all with a French accent, and I don't miss
a post. I love her craft ideas, and pinned her DIY Eiffel Tower Book Bundle
long ago. I finally got around to making my spin-off version.
I started out with the boxed set of paperback
books and covered them in brown paper.
I found a vintage picture of the Eiffel Towel
that seemed the right width and height
and printed it four times in a 4" x 6 " size.
Following Debbie's advise, I used rubber
cement glue, which worked extremely well
to adhere each image. I started with the
middle of the Tower and worked my way to the right
and the left, moving the image gradually.
I covered the box with printed burlap from Joann's
that I adhered with Mod Podge.
Here's the right side of the box.
.      Oh, yes, and a DIY pendant to match!
It's a pendant from the bead store and  an oval
cover. Using an ex-acto  knife, I cut the image
to fit and glue into the pendant. Making sure
there are no air bubbles on the flat side of
the cover, I spread with Mod Podge and laid
it over the image. Press until secure.   
Here's the left side and the back of the box.
Such wonderful burlap!
I should have bought more than one yard!
When I went back,
it was all gone.
Guess I wasn't the only one who liked it!

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  1. I love it, Donna! That burlap-covered box is the perfect finish for the books! And I am so excited for you...a trip to Paris! :-) What wonderful fun! Thanks for the shout-out!...hugs...Debbie


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