Monday, June 24, 2013

Switching Your Google Subscriptions to Bloglovin'

If you are a Google Follower, I've worked so hard to accumulate your pretty
little face on the right side of my sidebar only to find out that Google Reader
is going away as of July 1.

I thank you for becoming a Google Follower over the past two and a half
years and hope you will continue to read my blog. If you like to manage
your blog reading in this way, do not fear. There is an alternative.

You can switch your Google subscriptions to Bloglovin.'

I believe in sending you to the sources of good tutorials if they are already
out there, so here are the two that I found very helpful...

How to Manage Your Blog Reading @ Little Boo Blue

Import Your Favorite Blogs from Blog Reader @ Sylvia's Stamping Place

If you are not familiar with this source of managing
the blogs that you enjoy reading, let me tell you what
I know.

By subscribing to them through Bloglovin,' you will receive a daily feed in your
email that you can scroll through quickly. If you find one that catches your eye,
you can click on it and be taken to their full post.

If you are a Feedblitz subscriber and already receive
an email notification of a new post, you don't have to
do a thing!

This is always an option for you.

Thank you to each and every one of you who reads my
blog. I truly do appreciate you. You have broaden my

"Some of the most rewarding
and beautiful moments of friendship
happen in the unforeseen open spaces
between planned activities. It is important
that you allow these spaces to exist."
--Christine Leefeldt

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