Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Tuesday

I always like to learn HOW TO do something practical, don't you?

Hopefully you will find something here today that you will find useful.

How To Defrost Bread
So Cute!  
Daisy Mae Belle
Find a container at Good will.
Follow the easy steps to make this bow
with wire ribbon. Look for it at
Hobby Lobby--it is often on sale.
Its Tactical
Pray you never need to use this knowledge,
but sure would be good to know.
Quiver Full of Blessings 
My 3 Monsters
The Girl Who Ate Everything
This is from The Pioneer Woman.
BLICK Art Materials
Krylon Gesso Spray provides a quick way to prepare a smooth, hard, ready-to-paint surface on canvas, board, plaster, wood, or cloth. This surface is bright white and non-yellowing.
Apply gesso in thin coats, 30 seconds apart. Using a gesso spray saves time and eliminates brush strokes, sanding, and brush clean up.


Spark People
"Always walk through life
as if you have something
new to learn and
you will."
--Vernon Howard

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  1. Wow, what great links! I watched each video re: how to escape from zip ties (let's hope I never need it)...and I can't wait to see how to tie dye...MUST learn! Thanks for all the great links!


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