Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Tuesday

I always like to learn HOW TO do something practical, don't you?

Hopefully you will find something here today that you will find useful.

How To Defrost Bread
So Cute!  
Daisy Mae Belle
Find a container at Good will.
Follow the easy steps to make this bow
with wire ribbon. Look for it at
Hobby Lobby--it is often on sale.
Its Tactical
Pray you never need to use this knowledge,
but sure would be good to know.
Quiver Full of Blessings 
My 3 Monsters
The Girl Who Ate Everything
This is from The Pioneer Woman.
BLICK Art Materials
Krylon Gesso Spray provides a quick way to prepare a smooth, hard, ready-to-paint surface on canvas, board, plaster, wood, or cloth. This surface is bright white and non-yellowing.
Apply gesso in thin coats, 30 seconds apart. Using a gesso spray saves time and eliminates brush strokes, sanding, and brush clean up.


Spark People
"Always walk through life
as if you have something
new to learn and
you will."
--Vernon Howard

Monday, June 24, 2013

Switching Your Google Subscriptions to Bloglovin'

If you are a Google Follower, I've worked so hard to accumulate your pretty
little face on the right side of my sidebar only to find out that Google Reader
is going away as of July 1.

I thank you for becoming a Google Follower over the past two and a half
years and hope you will continue to read my blog. If you like to manage
your blog reading in this way, do not fear. There is an alternative.

You can switch your Google subscriptions to Bloglovin.'

I believe in sending you to the sources of good tutorials if they are already
out there, so here are the two that I found very helpful...

How to Manage Your Blog Reading @ Little Boo Blue

Import Your Favorite Blogs from Blog Reader @ Sylvia's Stamping Place

If you are not familiar with this source of managing
the blogs that you enjoy reading, let me tell you what
I know.

By subscribing to them through Bloglovin,' you will receive a daily feed in your
email that you can scroll through quickly. If you find one that catches your eye,
you can click on it and be taken to their full post.

If you are a Feedblitz subscriber and already receive
an email notification of a new post, you don't have to
do a thing!

This is always an option for you.

Thank you to each and every one of you who reads my
blog. I truly do appreciate you. You have broaden my

"Some of the most rewarding
and beautiful moments of friendship
happen in the unforeseen open spaces
between planned activities. It is important
that you allow these spaces to exist."
--Christine Leefeldt

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

I have been out of touch with you for quite a while due to family circumstances,
but it is time to get some normalcy back into my life! So this is the week, and no
better way but to get back to my blog friends and crafting.  
I just returned from church and received the sad news that our minister passed
away last evening. Jane was 61 years old and at such a young age had suffered
two strokes and battled her way through thyroid cancer. Our bishop delivered
the news and said it is not often that a church loses a minister due to death--
retirement, yes--but not death. To top it off, our assistant pastor is retiring this
week. It is indeed a transitional time in the life of our large congregation.  
I receive a daily quote from Search Quotes and find many of them
inspirational. You can subscribe to this site on the right sidebar of that website
and then receive these quotes in your email daily. It is a nice way to start the day.
Here's today's...
Do you need to be reminded of this? 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Favorite Winnie The Pooh Quotes

I am leaving for a week to Celebrate the Life of my dear brother-in-law who
passed away in March and spend time with family.

But I want to leave you with a few of my favorite Winnie The Pooh quotes
which always warm my heart.. I love the illustrations as much as the



Blessings to All

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here's to Another 365 Days Around the Sun

Here's to Another 365 Days Around The Sun
Happy Birthday!
I love this sentiment by Penny Black!
And that is what graces the inside of this birthday card.
Mr. Sun is also a favorite by Stampendous.
I stamped it a second time on orangish paper,
punched out the face, and then popped it up
on the image.
This technique is called Spotlighting.  
Just as the name suggests, Spotlighting calls attention to a
particular area and also adds some interest.
This is a square card.
Don't forget to add extra postage when you send one!
"I always felt that that the great high privilege, relief,
and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing."
--Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923)
British writer

Monday, June 3, 2013

10 DIY Plant Markers and Some Painted Garden Rocks

Seeing this DIY plant marker on Pinterest today reminded me that I need to
replace mine this year.

saw these brick markers in a garden shop selling
for $10 each and decided to make a DIY
project out of it. She said the trick of making
the print look decorative is to put a triangle
at the beginning and end of each letter.
Good to know--and that simple detail 
does make the difference!

Susan at Homeroad was inspired by Martha Stewart to put
these sticks to good use in the garden. Using a pruner,
a potato peeler, and a permanent marker, she made these
rustic markers for her vegetable garden. She sprayed them
with a coat of Polyurethane to keep the letters from fading.

The Pin Junkie used flat-faced rocks to create her
plant markers. Again a permanent marker was
used for the lettering.

Paint stir sticks is another idea for plant markers.

 Oh Crafts  offers a recycling idea
for can lids and old forks, used or antique.
A stamp set is used to stamp
the plant names.

Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus used antique spoons
to create her plant markers. She says that modern stainless
versions don't stamp well at all. Metal stamps are used
here also to stamp the names of the plants.

If you are a wine lover, Lorilee's wine bottle plant markers
found on Cackleberry Cottage might appeal to you.

Refer to my tip about using peanut butter to
remove the label which you can find  HERE.

Seed packets contain a lot of valuable information plus they
are pretty. Martha Stewart tells you how to attach them
to a stick (could use paint stick here) and then protect
them from the elements with a mason jar.
Who knows, you may even be canning some of the
results of your efforts in these jars!

 Meredith at In Sock Monkey Slippers found a
use for some broken clay pot pieces to label her plants.

 Here's a wine cork plant marker spotted over at Uncomsumption
that well works also.

I love the fact that all of these are recycling ideas,
 but I would be tempted to add
 some colored glass stones to bling  them up!
That would be easy to do with E-6000 glue.

The icing on the cake for me would be if I
knew how to paint and could have some of these
lovelies peeking out from amongst my plants!

Ladybug house @ Etsy


 Handpainted Art by Gary

 source unknown

Squidoo has a video tutorial showing how to create this basket of
spring flowers using a stencil and deco art paints.
They say it's a kids' craft!
Maybe there's hope for me yet!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mah Jongg Tip #3--Learning to Switch Hands When Needed

At the mah jongg table this week, one of the ladies who has been playing for
about a year, was attempting to make the NEWS hand. She was not
successful in doing so. When the game was over, she showed us her
rack. It looked like this--FF, 1 white dragon, 2 jokers, NEWS, NEWS--
what you see above. This is just how she had it arranged on her rack.

As you can see, she was not successful  in drawing the needed dragons,
and she did not have enough jokers to pick up any of them.

As she accumulated more and more winds, she should have SWITCHED
HANDS.. But she had blinders on and all she was thinking about was
drawing dragons. That was ALL she was looking for.

I showed her that by simply taking the white dragon out of the mix and doing
a little rearranging she had this going for her:

And then by doing this...

inserting one joker with the two Norths,
and the other joker with the two Souths,
she would have been in an excellent position to pick up or draw 
one North and one South to complete the two
kongs she needed for... 

 The fifth hand down under WINDS - DRAGONS

It is not a concealed hand, and it is worth 30 cents besides!
Even if she had to expose either the Norths or the Souths,
no one would have known for sure what hand she was doing,
and there was no stopping her from winning, because she had

This is one of thePitfalls of Beginning Mah Jongg--
Not Being Able to Switch Hands When Needed.

While there are times when you should not give up on your hand too soon,
there are other times when your hand takes a turn in a different
direction other than where you started.
If you are going to be successful in winning, you must be able to
recognize when the time is right for you to look elsewhere on the card.
Oftentimes, it is right within the same section, and the best advise I can offer is
to just plan ahead and try to keep as many options open for as long as possible.
C did right by saving more winds, but I do know she threw some away during the
game. She was only thinking NEWS! I think that if she had the like winds 
arranged together as she accumulated them, rather than as two separate 
NEWS, she may have been able to see other possibilities for her hand. Even the
first hand in that section may have come together!

Based on what tiles you see being thrown, what tiles you draw,
 and what tiles you see other players
using, you indeed may have to make the decision to re-group.

Once again, the better you know the card, the better you are at being able
to do this.

Happy Clicking!

If you know of anyone in the Phoenix area who is interested in learning to

play Mah Jongg, please have them contact me at 2realtors@cox.net.

For The 12 Pitfalls of Beginning Mah Jongg, click HERE.
How To Chose a Mah Jongg Hand

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