Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shabby Chic Book--or Just Plain Shabby?

I saw this basic idea used as a prop on a vintage blog and thought that
it would make a unique accessory in the right setting. So I decide to
give it a try and see what I would come up with once I got started with

I started with two vintage books that I had previously purchased
at Goodwill for $1.00 each. The pages were very brittle and
were not working for my book page wreaths, so I was happy to find
another use for them.
I pulled off the covers and glued the two" bare-faced" books together.
From there it was just...decorate until I was happy with the way
it looked! That took a while.
First I made a paper ruffle out of sheet music and attached that
on the bottom side.
You can find the tutorial HERE.
Then I layered a piece of black lace over the ruffle and glued it
under the flower.
The key is from Hobby Lobby and strung on muslin
They come on a ring of 5-6 and are often on sale in
the metal department.
The muslin flower was made to look aged by dying the
material in tea before making the flower.
The technique is the same one used to make this flower,
just cut the loops first.
After I glued the flower in place, I glued some Spanish moss
around it and added a few sprigs of lavender for color.
Shabby Chic...or Just Plain Shabby?
You be the judge.
I must admt Shabby Chic is growing on me.
(Some of it anyway.)


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