Friday, May 31, 2013

Color Gradient--The Ombre Effect on a Card

I'm working on minimal supplies until I get back home next
week, so it's a bit of a challenge to see what I can create.

However, this technique is actually quite popular right now--
Color Gradient or the Ombre Effect. It has been around
forever, but the trend has really caught on in just about every
form you can imagine--from interior design to nail art.

If you are not familiar with the term, just imagine a paint swatch,
which is exactly what I used to create the effect on my card.
The color ranges from light to dark, and this particular type of
graidient stays in the same hue.

I took three paint swatches-- A10, A9, and A8--and using the
EK Success Zig Zag Border Punch, punched three lines.
By the way, the "in" term for zig zag or ric rac is now chevron.
I was reading a complicated tutorial on how to created a chevron,
when I realized I could do it with my Zig Zag punch!

The sentiment is an oldie from Stampin' Up that I just
happened to have stamped already, and I added a 
little bling.

After I took this picture, I added an embossed line above the top
and below the bottom stripe for a little additional interest. It helped so just
visualize it, okay?

Here are just a few other applications of the ombre effect:

DIY chevron striped created by Nancy @ 
Apartment Therapy

 DIY ombre dresser from IKEA @ decor 8

Nail art @ Populargram

Cake decorating @

Tiered skirt

 (source unknown)

Dolce Vita boots
(source unknown)
Wearing apparel

 Earrings by Skyejuice @

The sky's the limit!

Have you used Color Gradient
in your home decorating?
Do you ever dress with this concept in mind?

Are you more aware of it now and where have you seen it?

Are you attracted to it? If so why, or why not?

I myself like it very much. I think it is soothing to the eye.
As for fashion, I think it is flattering to the figure because the
color gradually flows. There is not an abrupt change which calls
attention to any one particular spot.

I'd love to hear your opinion!

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