Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iris Folding

I am working on a few unfinished projects that are not ready to reveal yet,
so today I am sharing a card technique that I learned in a class a few years
ago. It is called Iris Folding, a technique that originated in Holland. It
was coined Iris Folding because the center resembles the iris, or eye of a
camera. See it?

Here's the cards we made during the class...


You start the process with a numbered pattern--
the picture below is the pattern for the cherry card.

The lines indicated where you will place the strips, and in what order.
You can either use one color as in the cherry or multi colors--solid
or patterned, as in the first two cards. The paper must be lightweight,
such as origami paper or wrapping paper, since it is cut in strips about
 5/8" wide, folded in half again. One tip is to not fold the paper completely
 in half to cut down on the bulk, since the papers are layered on top of
each other.   
Thin scrapbook paper or vellum works well also.

First cut the shape out of the white card front.
Lay down the pattern, then the card front, and
tape with painter's tape so that neither paper will move around.
You are now looking at the pattern through the open shape and will
be working on the backside of the white card.

The strips are taped over the pattern in numbered order, using
ordinary tape.
Make sure the fold on the paper strips face the inside of the design
as you lay them down to attach them.
You do not want any raw edges of paper showing.
The center, or iris, is the last piece of paper, that is filled in.

And when you turn your paper over, you have this interesting effect!

How is that summarization --clear as mud?

If this technique peaks your interest, here is an excellent reference:

Iris Folding--Instructions and Video Tutorial

There are many, many free patterns on the Internet.
Just google Iris Folding free patterns and you will find
just about anything you want--from abstract designs, to cats and
horses, to the alphabet--simple to very complex.    

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