Saturday, April 6, 2013

How To Keep Shoe Laces From Untying

This may seem like a trivial topic, but as I was putting on my shoes today,
I was reminded of this little trick I learned a few years ago. It really has
solved an aggravating problem for me--my shoe laces constantly coming
unitied--and  I have thought many times that I should share it with you.
Today is the day.

I was shown this technique when I went to purchase my last pair of athletic
shoes at a specialty shoe store. The sales person told me that is is how the
runners tie their shoes so they don't come undone and also because it keeps
their toes from hitting the front of the shoe due to the fact that their foot stays
in place. I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like the
way my foot feels in the shoe, and my laces to not come untied anymore. I'm
not sure why, but it works.

Here's the easy steps:
Begin lacing as usual.
When you get to the second to the last hole on each
side, instead of crossing over, thread through the
last hole on the SAME SIDE. 
This will form a loop.
(You can see in the first picture that I am not using the hole way down on
the side past the tongue. Your shoe may or may not have one there.)
Now take the end of each lace, cross it over the tongue, and
thread it through the loop on the opposite side.
Pull the laces tight and tie in a bow.
You are now off and running...or walking...
or dancing...or shopping...
or hiking...or biking...
or whatever your little heart desires!

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