Monday, April 22, 2013

How To Dry Lavender

We have another lovely batch of lavender in our yard this year thanks to my
husband's green thumb. Well, actually, it pretty much comes back by itself.

With last year's batch, I made this wreath,
which is now gracing the hallway of
our son and daughter-in-law's home in
New Jersey.
Somehow they safely transported it home
on the airplane, even in it's delicate condition. 
It takes a lot of lavender sprigs to make a wreath! 
I did not have a very efficient way of drying the lavender
for that project, so I decided I had better come up with a new plan
 if I was going to tackle another craft using this year's blooms.
I just could not imagine letting them go to seed!. 
My free-standing garden trellis worked great when I was
drying basil, so I brought it out again.
Here is my process for drying lavender...
Cut the beautiful blooms, leaving as much of the stem on
as possible. Fortunately the flowers are not too fragile
when they are fresh.
Divide the lavender in bunches and fasten them with wire
wraps from the produce department.
Using clothes pins, attach to trellis, hanging upside down.
Since the trellis is portable, it is easy to store it in a cool,
dark place,such as a closet, until the lavender blooms and
stems are dried.
This process sure beats having lavender bunndles
hanging all over the house!
Stay tuned to see how I will use them this year!

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