Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello, I'm Back

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your patience during my absence. We lost a very dear member
of our family, our brother-in-law, on Sunday, March 17th. It is difficult to
comprehend that Tom is really not with his family any more. He was a
wonderful husband and solemate, father, provider, and loyal friend to many
people. He was very caring and always thought of the other person first. He
excercised all his life and was diligent about his diet. But he had pulmonary
fibrosis and this was the one thing he had no control over. Tragically there is
no cure for this awful disease which robbed him of oxygen.

Being with Tom's family during this time was a privilege. When I watched
someone dear to me struggling to take a breathe, it made me realize just how
precious that basic function was. It was the difference between life and death.
We take it so for granted, with many people compromising their lungs and
thinking nothing of it. I ask you to think twice about it if you are one of those

I returned home a week ago and now that Easter is over (16 people were here),
I am getting back to my routine.

I will have a good recipe for you tomorrow and more fun things to come.
Thanks again for sticking with me, and welcome, new subscribers and followers!
You've made my return that much sweeter.


  1. About breathing - you have stated it so well. AND it was that very need which catalyzed my putting down the cursed cigarettes 9 years. A sudden epiphany helped me to see that breathing was more important than smoking. I am sorry for your loss!!

  2. Donna, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  3. Welcome back - I am sorry for your loss. Glad you had a good Easter though~

  4. Welcome back. YOU've been missed.
    How you and your family have been suffering these past few weeks makes me sad, I pray that the coming weeks will help to ease the pain some.


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