Friday, March 1, 2013

Popular and Pinteresting

I haven't done a Pinteresting Post in a while, so today's the day for another
one! I thought I'd show you my most popular pins of late. Disclaimer--these
are not my ideas, these are ideas that I have pinned from other blogs and then
many others have re-pinned from my boards.

 Put cinnamon in a sandbox to keep
the bugs away @
How to Make Burlap Flowers @
Owl Treat Bags @
Individual appetizers so people don't
have to stand around the "dip" bowl
or worry about double-dippers!
(spinach dip recipe included) @
St. Patrick's Day printable in 3 sizes
to frame @
How to Make Bowling Ball Garden Bugs @
Simple Cheese Tart using waffle bowls
Only 5 ingredients! in all! @
Multiple ways to use blender pens @
Homemade Girl Scout cookie recipes
(for when you run out of the real thing) @
A new use for a heating pad @
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You're bound to find something interesting.
Have a lovely week-end!

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