Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Keep Your Fabric Scissors Sharp--and a Recipe

Now you know that I love to bring you creative and practical tips,

This method for keeping that special pair of scissors that you have
dedicated just for cutting fabric from being misused by other members
of your family is both creative and practical in my book!

I found the idea on Michelle Patterns
and the original photo was is by Chema Madoz..
I'm not sure that is what the photographer
had in mind when the picture was taken,
but what a great idea!
Just don't forget where you hid the key!
Here's a recipe for Warm Spinach Salad
that caught my eye, (and stomach)
this morning.
Leigh Anne even gives you a tutorial
on How To Make Heart Shaped Strawberries.
The only change I would make is to use pecans or walnuts
instead of hazelnuts. 
Check out I Heart Nap Time for this recipe and
many other creative ideas.
I subscribe to this blog as it is one of my favorites
and I don't want to miss any of the posts.
How are you preparing for Valentine's Day?
"A friend is what the heart
needs all the time."
--Henry van Dyke

1 comment:

  1. lol! What a unique idea to protect the sewing scissors! lol! And that salad look absolutely yummy! I am a big salad fan, and just recently discovered a great Ceasar salad dressing by Cardini's. It tastes almost like the dressing at Pizza Hut which I just adore. So....I'm eating alot more salad nowadays. lol! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Donna!

    xoxo laurie


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