Thursday, February 28, 2013

Collage with a French Flair

I'm working on some other projects to show you next week, so
for those of you who don't stamp, please be patient! I seem to
move from one thing to another, depending on my mood, so I
have several projects going at one time. I have to walk away
from it, then come back later and see if I like what I've done,
perhaps rearrange, and then do a little more. Gripe, you'd think
I was a real artist or something! Far from it! But I love to doodle
with my crafts. It's my therapy.

So in between I've whipped out a few cards. This one is a collage
of sorts.

I used several stamps which seemed to have a French flair and stamped them
 on glossy white paper. French decor is really big these days.
I used Adirondack Eggplant and Cranberry. Then I did a little
stippling in between so there wasn't so much white.
The secret with stippling is to bounce on a piece of scratch
paper first, then go to your paper.
You will get a softer look, which is what you want. 
To add one more element of interest, I cut the piece into
fourths to create a tile effect.
A little bling and there you have it.
Thank you for visiting and
thanks to my new followers!
I'm glad to have each and every one of you here.
You are a quiet bunch, though. : (

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