Thursday, January 24, 2013

Introducing My Vintage Book Snowman

Even though Christmas has come and gone, I am still seeing quite a few
snowman crafts being featured on many of the craft blogs. So I thought
I'd throw my little guy into the mix for good measure.

Are you getting the idea that I like to make things out of book pages?

Here's a little tutorial on how he came together:
1. I found a book at the thrift store--one with
a few hundred, yellowish pages.
2. I took off the front and back covers.
3. I drew a template of the right side of the
snowman on to card stock.  (Caution: Don't start with the head too
big. Remember, it is going to be double in width
when you finish. The first time the neck was too fat
and I had to re-cut the whole thing.)
4. I traced the template onto each page with a pencil and cut around it.
(Readjust to make sure the pages are not getting bigger and bigger.)
5. When I was all done, I fanned the book out all the way around--
then it was time to give him some personality!
6. The scarf was made with felt and I found felt snowflake
stickers in my Christmas stash just waiting to be dyed blue.
7. The sticks are held in place by enclosing the ends in a piece of
flat batting and adhering them between the pages.
8. I pondered over the hat the most--it had to be just right.
  But when I was cleaning out a
cabinet and came across a knit "warmer" for a wine bottle,
I knew this was it! I cut it down and gathered in the ends and
stuffed it with batting. The bottom is setting over a cardboard
coaster, and of course, the tassels were a natural finish,
glued down in the middle of the hat.
Call it a cross between a stocking cap and a stove top hat
for my vintage book snowman!
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