Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Preserve Fresh Basil

We had a beautiful basil plant in our garden that just got killed by our
unusually cold Phoenix weather. In spite of the fact that all the plants
were covered with burlap, this is one that did not survive the freeze.

Fortunately, when the plant was at its best, I picked a bunch and will
share with you the two ways that I preserved it for later use. You can
only use so much fresh basil and it does not last that long in the fridge.

I began by rinsing it well and then laying it out on a towel to
get it completely dry.
I made small bundles with twine and
turned them upside down to dry in a cool, dark place.
I used a garden trellis that I had and put it in
a closet.
It did not take long before they looked like this.
I took all the basil off of the stems
and stored some of it in a jar.
With the other dried leaves, I added olive oil
put it in an ice cube tray.
After it freezes, it will look like this.
I popped them out and stored them in a Ziploc bag.
These I will use in salad dressings, roasted vegetables,
pesto, and pasta dishes.
And there you have it!


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