Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Craft Boutique is Here!

I've been missing in action, I know. The final countdown has been on this
past week to prepare for the Church Craft Boutique which begins this evening
and runs through the week-end. The name of our booth is Bee-Attitudes.
So naturally we're all decked out in yellow and black!

Pam and I set up our booth yesterday (my birthday), and there is just a bit of
tweaking to do. There has to be a way to fit more stuff into a 6' x 4' space!
(my side).It's basically the size of a long table and a chair behind it, if you're
skinny. My problem is that I have a peg board setting on the table so I cannot
sit behind the table.

Then there is the problem of the tags. A lot of my items are too small
for these big tags, which are the minimum required size, so I am going to
have to bag and tag them as they sell, IF they sell. Lots of putsy work
with NO place to do it.

I didn't sleep well last night thinking about all of this!
My brain is on....


So you may ask--"Why not rent more space?" My answer is that it is expensive.
If I ever do this again I am going to have to re-think it,
because I cannot stand the.....
This is supposed to be fun, right?
It's my second show, so I must have had fun the first time
to do this (to myself) again!
But you can forget a lot of pain in two years!
Wish me luck, ok?
This will be me on Sunday.
Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. Good luck Donna! I tried a sale 1 time -- never again -- pitb and yes it is very stressful! Be sure and take a photo of your booth for us -- Many sales for you!!

  2. Thanks, Vicki. I'll try to remember to take a picture. My camera is in my purse.


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