Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To Tuesday

I hope  you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week-end. We spent ours in
Gila Hots Springs, New Mexico with our daughter and son-in-law. Pretty
much the entire community was invited to a potluck at the Wilderness
Bed and Breakfast Lodge to share Thanksgiving dinner. Can't get much
more of a true neighborly spirit than that! It is an amazing group of caring
people who are always so willing to help each other with any project or in
time of need.

I hope to be back at my computer and crafting table more regularly as soon
as I can get over this virus/cold which is going on two weeks now. I still am
not up to par.

How about some How To's today? 
   How To Store Fresh Produce @
How To Read Labels--What Expiration Dates Really Mean @
How To Care For a Cast Iron Pan @
How To Make An Easy Christmas Treat
For Any Event @
10 Remarkable DIY Cleaning Solutions @
Have a wonderful day and stay well.
This virus is nasty and does not go away easily.


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