Monday, November 19, 2012

Dale Chiculy and His Glass Sculptures

One of my most memorable experiences here in Phoenix was visiting the
Botanical Gardens shortly before Christmas in 2008. The Gardens was
hosting an exhibit of Dale Chiculy's works of art in glass. Although I had
never heard of him, I soon learned that Dale Chiculy is a reknown glass
artist in Tacoma, Washington.. You can read about him here.

The exhibit, entitled The Nature of Glass, highlighted beautiful glass
sculptures which were artfully placed to complement the plants and
environment within the Gardens.

Pictures can in no way do the true beauty of this exhibit justice, but I still
love looking at the pictures that I took that evening. I hope I may have captured
a bit of the magic in it for you to see.

The Nature Of Glass, Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ
Dale Chiculy Glass Sculptures
Part One

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