Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Lost Week

Thanks to those of you who have inquired about my absence! I was just
about recovered from the boutique when I came down with a virus this
past week. I still am not back to normal but am getting better. There's not
much I can do other than ride iit out with fluids, sleep, and over-the-counter
meds. The doctor said one study showed extra Vitamin C may help, yet another
study showed it doesn't, so who knows. Just take it and hope for the best!

I still haven't done any crafting since the boutique--I needed a break. But I'm
starting to think about it. The boutique could have been better, but I was happy
that four of my six wreaths sold and I could have sold more. I only made one of  
each kind. The vendors we talked to thought that the sales were down this year
in general, and we saw a lot of inventory being hauled out by them at the end of
the third day. Anyway, it's over, and it's the only one I am in. I think it's a love/hate
thing. I hate how exhausting it is, but I love when someone likes something well
enough that I have made to purchase it. It's also the challenge of figuring out
WHAT it is that they like and will buy. What they like this year may not be what
 they like next year!

My Best Advise

I would say my best tip would be to not make too many different things.
Do not over-crowd your space, and remember that by the time they have gotten
to you, they have already seen a lot. How you display your select items is just
as important as the items themselves!

Please come back tomorrow. I have some awesome photos to show you from
our Botanical Gardens. Thanks for hanging in there with me during my down

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