Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Water Color and Walnut Wash Background

                              This card is a different style for me and I love
                                                  a change, don't you?
Directions for Creating a Water Color
Walnut Wash Background 
Start with a piece of Kraft Paper.
Wet it with a brush and a bit of water color.
You can use one to three colors.
Of course I used three!
Cover the entire paper
in a random design of your colors.
Now let the paper dry completely.
Mix up some Walnut Wash.
The walnut crystals can be purchased online
Make a strong solution--you have to play
with it. Start with 1/4 cup of crystals.
(I wonder if you could use instant coffee?)
Brush onto the paper and remove in areas with a
paper towel or spritz with more water to move
brown around and lighten it in areas. 
When you are satisfied with the effect, 
complete by stamping your BOLD image with
Versamark, black, or any dark color.  
This is a technique I learned in a background class
taught by Anima Designs. 
It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken.
We learned 15 unusual background techniques on two
consecutive Saturdays.
We assembled a spiral book of our samples with
the written instructions on the back of each page.

 I recall paying $50 for the class--a hefty price--
but I believe it was worth it!
There was a lot of content.

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