Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspiration Fron One of the Best

I follow a lot of craft blogs, but one of my favorites is Simplicity,
written by Susan Raihala.. Susan is exclusively a stamper, and a
very gifted one at that.  Back in April of last year, I spotlighted
Susan because I admire her so much. If you are a stamper, you
should become a follower if you are not already. Not only are her
cards very creative, but her blog is very informative as well! 

Last Saturday she shared this card and I have not been able to
delete it until --shall we say--I put my twist on it. So here's my
version, using the same stamp, purchased at Michaels, several years
ago. I like those sketchy kinds, the ones you don't have to color!

Susan's teaching concept for that day was ...
2 neutrals --gray and white
plus 1 color--teal
equals soothing
Ink--Andirontack Stream, Slate

Have a wonderful week-end, my friends.

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