Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To Make A Jewelry Display

I thought I'd show you the jewelry display I came up with for
my stretch bracelet and earring sets for the Craft Boutique.
 It is a take off of an idea I saw on someone's blog, but hers
was more like a matchbook style for earrings.

I took a piece of heavy card and cut it 3-1/4" x 11". 
Lay it out flat, and from the right edge, score it at 3/4".
This will create the little "stand," though you cannot
see it in this picture above.

From that score line, measure four inches and score again.
Now you have the front panel.
All you have to do now is bend it under and tuck it behind the card.
Slip the bracelet on from the bottom.
No tape is needed.
You want ladies to be able to take it off so they
can try on the bracelet.
Punch tiny holes for the earrings and you're done!
I were to make this an "enterprise,"
I would have some printing at the bottom,
but for this first endeavor, it is going to stay blank!
The Craft Boutique is in Tempe (AZ)
Dayspring United Methodist Church
McClintock and Elliot
November 1, 2, 3
Thursday night
 Friday and Saturday 9-4

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