Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Doesn't Have to Be About Candy

When our two children were little, Halloween was a bit of a challenge. I loved
making their costumes, but since Marc was diabetic from the age of two, trick
or treating was a problem. We lived in the country, and a few of my thoughtful
friends would make up special goodie bags for him. I still appreciate it to this

I did not want to deprive Marc, or our daughter, Kristin, of the fun of going
door to door in town, so I had to devise a way to get around the candy issue.
I came up with an idea that worked beautifully.

I stocked up on non-candy items I knew they would enjoy, such as folders,
pencils, stickers, and small toys. These were the days BEFORE dollar stores!
After we got home from trick or treating, they dumped out their bags, amd they
sorted it out. Then we made a game out of trading in all the candy for the fun
items.  We never had candy around the house, so it was no big deal to give it up.

What brought this all to mind this morning was a blog post I read on
Life is a Party. She offers 20 candy alternatives for Halloween.

Since you may be thinking about what you are going to have at your
front door next week for those little gremlins, you might consider one of  
these candy alternatives. The dollar stores make it so easy and you'll be doing
some moms a big favor!


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  1. Hi Donna, Thanks for the link to my post. I never even thought of kids who have diabetes, yet another great reason for a candy alternative. Thanks again, and Happy Halloween!
    Dannyelle @ lifeisaparty.ca


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