Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Produce Rinse

Hello Friends--I'm back in town. I had to leave for a few days, thus the reason
I have not been blogging.

I do have a Detoxing Update for you. Don is still juicing, almost exclusively.
We both found we needed to add a liittle fiber to the regiment. I could not
juice while I was out-of-town since I had to leave the juicer at home, but I
tried to eat as many fruits as possible. I didn't eat any dairy or meat, and am
now back to the juice again. I have lost about four pounds.

But more importantly, what is this doing for my husband? Is it helping his
joint pain? He says he thinks it is. His energy level is better and his pain is
down. But he has a long way to go. He is not the 67 year-old robust man that
I am used to seeing.

We are trying to eat as much organic as possible, but is it really that much
better? We especially wonder about the ones coming from foreign countries.
Is it possible to use non-organic, wash it throughly, and still be safe? And is
washing organic fruits and vegetables enough to remove surface bacteria?

I found a GREAT ARTICLE I think you should read. Jack Bishop, senior
editor of Cooks Illustrated, was interviewed and asked how their kitchen
cleaned produce. He explained their comparative testing using four methods.

 Guess which one won out?

1 Part Vinegar to 3 Parts Water
removed 98% of the bacteria
Apple--spray 6 times, then rinse with water
Leafy vegetables--soak for 2 minutes in a
bowl, NOT the sink
It may seem a little labor intensive, but isn't it worth it?
The author recommends this for ALL produce. 
So here's yet another valuable use for that
amazing stuff called vinegar!
Aren't we lucky it's so cheap?
I think I'd better stock up!
If all else fails, use vinegar. 

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