Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Water Color and Walnut Wash Background

                              This card is a different style for me and I love
                                                  a change, don't you?
Directions for Creating a Water Color
Walnut Wash Background 
Start with a piece of Kraft Paper.
Wet it with a brush and a bit of water color.
You can use one to three colors.
Of course I used three!
Cover the entire paper
in a random design of your colors.
Now let the paper dry completely.
Mix up some Walnut Wash.
The walnut crystals can be purchased online
Make a strong solution--you have to play
with it. Start with 1/4 cup of crystals.
(I wonder if you could use instant coffee?)
Brush onto the paper and remove in areas with a
paper towel or spritz with more water to move
brown around and lighten it in areas. 
When you are satisfied with the effect, 
complete by stamping your BOLD image with
Versamark, black, or any dark color.  
This is a technique I learned in a background class
taught by Anima Designs. 
It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken.
We learned 15 unusual background techniques on two
consecutive Saturdays.
We assembled a spiral book of our samples with
the written instructions on the back of each page.

 I recall paying $50 for the class--a hefty price--
but I believe it was worth it!
There was a lot of content.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Doesn't Have to Be About Candy

When our two children were little, Halloween was a bit of a challenge. I loved
making their costumes, but since Marc was diabetic from the age of two, trick
or treating was a problem. We lived in the country, and a few of my thoughtful
friends would make up special goodie bags for him. I still appreciate it to this

I did not want to deprive Marc, or our daughter, Kristin, of the fun of going
door to door in town, so I had to devise a way to get around the candy issue.
I came up with an idea that worked beautifully.

I stocked up on non-candy items I knew they would enjoy, such as folders,
pencils, stickers, and small toys. These were the days BEFORE dollar stores!
After we got home from trick or treating, they dumped out their bags, amd they
sorted it out. Then we made a game out of trading in all the candy for the fun
items.  We never had candy around the house, so it was no big deal to give it up.

What brought this all to mind this morning was a blog post I read on
Life is a Party. She offers 20 candy alternatives for Halloween.

Since you may be thinking about what you are going to have at your
front door next week for those little gremlins, you might consider one of  
these candy alternatives. The dollar stores make it so easy and you'll be doing
some moms a big favor!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To Make A Jewelry Display

I thought I'd show you the jewelry display I came up with for
my stretch bracelet and earring sets for the Craft Boutique.
 It is a take off of an idea I saw on someone's blog, but hers
was more like a matchbook style for earrings.

I took a piece of heavy card and cut it 3-1/4" x 11". 
Lay it out flat, and from the right edge, score it at 3/4".
This will create the little "stand," though you cannot
see it in this picture above.

From that score line, measure four inches and score again.
Now you have the front panel.
All you have to do now is bend it under and tuck it behind the card.
Slip the bracelet on from the bottom.
No tape is needed.
You want ladies to be able to take it off so they
can try on the bracelet.
Punch tiny holes for the earrings and you're done!
I were to make this an "enterprise,"
I would have some printing at the bottom,
but for this first endeavor, it is going to stay blank!
The Craft Boutique is in Tempe (AZ)
Dayspring United Methodist Church
McClintock and Elliot
November 1, 2, 3
Thursday night
 Friday and Saturday 9-4

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Tuesday

How about some How To's today?

How To Have a Successful Yard Sale @
The Mother Huddle
(It's that time of year!)

How To Kill Poison Ivy @
Ask Anna
(A popular pin on my pinboard!)

How To Survive a Heart Attack When Alone @
(Not a pleasant thought, but wouldn't you like to know?)

How To Frost a Cake the Right Way @
Whiz Kid
(Do your cakes look like this?)

How To Hang a Picture Collage @
My Birdie Secrets

How To De-Seed A Pomegranate @
The Burlap Bag
(If you like pomegranates, read the comments
for some interesting suggestions.)

I'm working fast and furious on the CRAFT BOUTIQUE
just two weeks away!

I'm ready for it to be OVER
so I can get on with my LIFE!

Do you have a good tip for us today?
We'd love to hear it.
Everyone loves a good tip.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspiration Fron One of the Best

I follow a lot of craft blogs, but one of my favorites is Simplicity,
written by Susan Raihala.. Susan is exclusively a stamper, and a
very gifted one at that.  Back in April of last year, I spotlighted
Susan because I admire her so much. If you are a stamper, you
should become a follower if you are not already. Not only are her
cards very creative, but her blog is very informative as well! 

Last Saturday she shared this card and I have not been able to
delete it until --shall we say--I put my twist on it. So here's my
version, using the same stamp, purchased at Michaels, several years
ago. I like those sketchy kinds, the ones you don't have to color!

Susan's teaching concept for that day was ...
2 neutrals --gray and white
plus 1 color--teal
equals soothing
Ink--Andirontack Stream, Slate

Have a wonderful week-end, my friends.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Candy and A Card

If you're a stamper, and like WINNING things (who doesn't) you may want
to head over to Bearly Mine Crafts for the MEGA CANDY DRAWING.

Just look at all those goodies!
They could be yours if you follow a few rules.
The drawing is open until November 30.
And if you live in the UK, there's a
drawing for an Epson Printer as well!
I finished a card over the week-end to put in the mail today.
A Happy Hello
Stamp: Inkadinkadoo (Michaels)
Sentiment-Stampin" Up
Ink: Passport Green (Inkredible) purchased at a stamp show
Vintage Distress Ink for the sponging
Paper: Retired designer pack from Stampin' Up
And there you have it for a Monday morning...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Inspiration

Last month I shared with you a meaningful quote, one that was delivered to me
via email from I receive them on a daily basis, and you can
also if you subscribe to their blog.

Here's today's.....

Have a lovely Sunday...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Produce Rinse

Hello Friends--I'm back in town. I had to leave for a few days, thus the reason
I have not been blogging.

I do have a Detoxing Update for you. Don is still juicing, almost exclusively.
We both found we needed to add a liittle fiber to the regiment. I could not
juice while I was out-of-town since I had to leave the juicer at home, but I
tried to eat as many fruits as possible. I didn't eat any dairy or meat, and am
now back to the juice again. I have lost about four pounds.

But more importantly, what is this doing for my husband? Is it helping his
joint pain? He says he thinks it is. His energy level is better and his pain is
down. But he has a long way to go. He is not the 67 year-old robust man that
I am used to seeing.

We are trying to eat as much organic as possible, but is it really that much
better? We especially wonder about the ones coming from foreign countries.
Is it possible to use non-organic, wash it throughly, and still be safe? And is
washing organic fruits and vegetables enough to remove surface bacteria?

I found a GREAT ARTICLE I think you should read. Jack Bishop, senior
editor of Cooks Illustrated, was interviewed and asked how their kitchen
cleaned produce. He explained their comparative testing using four methods.

 Guess which one won out?

1 Part Vinegar to 3 Parts Water
removed 98% of the bacteria
Apple--spray 6 times, then rinse with water
Leafy vegetables--soak for 2 minutes in a
bowl, NOT the sink
It may seem a little labor intensive, but isn't it worth it?
The author recommends this for ALL produce. 
So here's yet another valuable use for that
amazing stuff called vinegar!
Aren't we lucky it's so cheap?
I think I'd better stock up!
If all else fails, use vinegar. 
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