Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinecone Wreath--A Tutorial

It's mid-September and there's a lot of Halloween wreaths showing up in
blogland. Even though my birthday is on Halloween, I don't get into this
holiday too heavily, so I'm not one to decorate for it either. I really
do have fond memories of making Halloween costumes for our two children,
though, but that's about as far as it goes.

So I made a pinecone wreath this week and thought I would show you how
I made it. It's was only hanging on my front door yesterday for the photo shoot!
I don't want my neighbors to think I've lost it!

1. I started with a 12" straw wreath and covered it with tinsel garland,
wrapping it in both directions for good coverage. I got the garland at
Goodwill for 99 cents a strand. This provides a good surface for the adhesion
of the pinecones.
2. Sort your pinecones. It is helpful if you have more than one kind,
but not necessary.Using the largest size, Line the outer edge of the wreath.
Attach them with wire--any flexible kind will do.
3. The next part is sort of like doing a puzzle. Use various size pinecones
and fill in the entire wreath. These are all attached with a HIGH TEMP hot
glue gun. Use small pinecones to fill in around the inner ring. You want as little
of the tinsel garland showing through as possible. Vary the direction of the
pinecones for interest.
4. If you want it to look snow-covered, use a product called Snow-Tex
(available at Michael's) and apply to the tips with a sponge or brush.
5. Add.glitter and embellishemts if desired. (There are both on my wreath
that you cannot see in this photo.)
6. Use two yards of wide ribbon to make a hanger with a generous bow.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. And I have a box of pine cones :) But I don't think I could convince myself to make a pinecone wreath just yet, still too hot! I need a new one, I've used the Christmas one I have for years.


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