Saturday, September 29, 2012


We haven't eaten in three days.
Here's our story...the short version.
Eight weeks ago my husband had routine knee surgery--torn meniscus. His knee
is healing just fine, but ever since surgery he has had terrible joint pain in his
shoulders and left wrist and hand, and now it is moving to his right wrist as well.
They have given him anti-inflammatory meds but nothing has helped.
He has had his hand and wrist x-rayed and they say everything looks fine. It's so
strange that this all happened right after his surgery. Could it be a reaction to
anesthesia? We are trying to figure things out. He can't play golf or pretty much
do anything with his left hand. He got a cortisone shot but the effects only lasted
for about 24 hours. He is wearing a wrist brace which helps some but still lots
of pain.   
So our daughter, who believes the body can heal itself, suggested a detox anti-
inflammatory regiment, which consists of drinking organic juices and vegetables
for seven days to flush the body of toxins. Nothing else except water and herbal
tea. I decided it wouldn't be very nice for me to eat in front of Don, so I am trying 
this too. Supportive wife and all that, you know. Besides, losing a few pounds and
feeling better does sound pretty good.  
Today is Day Three and we are sticking to it. I don't think Don is as hungry as I
am! We don't drink coffee so we are not having caffeine withdrawal! Thank good-
ness for that!
Here was our lunch...
Pineapple, baby kale, apple, carrot, celery,
lemon, chard, and blueberries
(the red cabbage didn't make the picture) 

And here's it as it came out of the juicer.
What we've learned:
  • It all tastes a whole lot better than it looks.
  • Celery has a very strong favor, so only add one stalk.
  • One apple in every combination is a must.
  • Raw garlic is NOT good, especially in the morning!
  • Raw ginger has a strong taste, so only use a small piece.
  • Greens clog up the juicer, so follow them up with something firm.
If anyone has ever had a similar experience or can offer a suggestion, please
email me at  Thanks.

About the only plus I can see at this point is that I don't have to
think about what I am going to make for dinner....


  1. Well, I hope this works for DH. Like you said, if anything, you will both loose some weight. :)

    ps - Got my goodies - Thanks!!

  2. This is too funny because I just did a three day juice fast, unfortunately mine wasn't as yummy as yours. I wrote all about the three days and the why of the whole thing on a new blog I started (but haven't shared yet because there isn't much on there yet). (look on the right side and you can see all the juicing posts)

    Can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  3. Thanks for your comments, Vicki and Dana. I subscribe to both of your blogs. You both make great cards! Dana, can't wait for you to share your vegan story. I know you are pretty dedicated. Today is Day 4 and we're still committed.

  4. Wow, Donna, that is such a shame that your husband has been experiencing so many joint problems since his surgery. I hope the diet changes help...its worth a shot, right? Good luck to you both!


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