Friday, September 7, 2012

Creating Washer Necklaces--A Tutorial

Hardware Jewelry-- some call it Industrial Jewelry. If you are not familiar
with the terms, it is jewelry that is made with findings from the hardware
store, such as washers, hex nuts, and ball chains.

I stopped in at our local Ace Hareware recently to pick up some washers and
various sizes of ball chain. They are so helpful and friendly in there, and the
man asked me what I was going to use them for. When I told him jewelry, he
was very intrigued. He asked me to bring my Hardware Jewelry in and they
might be interested in purchasing some of them.

So this is some of what I have for my first showing of Washer Jewelry.
My inspiration came from Pinterest.

To embellish the washers, I took alcohol inks....
 by Adirondack and put a few dabs on them.
To make them run together, I used the blending solution.
It's easy to use, just move the washer around until you
get the desired effect.
Don't be afraid--if you don't like the results, just wipe it
off and start over. 
The washer necklace on the left is double-layered with
two sizes of washers.
I have a different type of necklace in the works
using the smaller size that I will be showing you soon! 
Once they are completely dry,
I coated them with Diamond Glaze.
This product gives them a shiny, glossy
finish, and adds a slight dimension.
Be careful not to get air bubbles in the finish.
My method isn't very scientific, but it works. 
I just get down low over the piece and look at it from the
side and sort of swirl it on. It runs so you don't need
a whole lot of it.
Make sure you are working in good light.
Let it dry over night.
You can purchase the ball chain by the foot and don't forget
the connectors.
This is a lark's head knot.
The washer earrings were done with the same method.
I took a flexible wire, folded it in half and put it through the hole.
Then I made a wire-wrapped
loop at the top and attached a fish-hook earring wire.
I put a tiny rhinestone on each side of the thin wire
for an embellishment and to keep the wire in place. 
I have even thought about making the Washer Necklaces 


  1. LOVE the washer necklaces. Would suggest trying use of leather or suede strips - or ribbons - in lieu of chains.


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