Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Addiction

Ok, I'm here to tell you that if you have never thought about stepping foot in a
Goodwill store, you should think again. I was one of those snobs once, but no
more! They have some good stuff--especially if you are a crafter!

Now I admit, I don't buy my clothes there, but if I am looking for things
such as picture frames, 3-ring binders, Christmas ornaments, wreaths that
I can take the junky things off of and re-use, baskets, and books, I will now
go here first. I will never pay full price for another clay pot or vase again!
It is amazing what people give away, but I suppose I have given away some
good stuff too.

As if the prices aren't good enough to start with, every other Saturday is half
price day, and you'd better get there early. Some stores are more popular than
others, so if you have more than one in your area, it is worth hitting them all.

If you are into interior decorating and re-dos, Pinterest is full of fantastic
projects, everything from turning louver doors into shutters and all sorts of
furniture refinishing. Many of these items can be found for just a few bucks
at Goodwill.

Besides saving money, Goodwill is a  great organization. 90 cents of every
dollar they earn from sales of donated items goes toward their mission of
putting people to work. So consider dropping off a bag if you're going there
anyway. It beats putting bags out on the curb and not having anyone show
up. Am I the only one that they miss?

I Had Some Emails
Some people were curious as to how I was going to package the spool
necklaces for the craft boutique. This is what I came up with....



  1. Donna, so true, Goodwill is such a great organization! I work with special education students and many of them are employed by Goodwill Industries...and love it! I will keep it in mind to check out the is not that close but may be worth the trip!

    I love the way you ackaged the spool necklaces...sweet!

  2. Goodwill is a wonderful organization. You can find
    all sorts of stuff in their
    store to repurpose!

  3. Great packaging idea. I love thrift stores and only go to Goodwill on half off day.


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