Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Play Two-Handed Mah Jongg

Now I know this is kind of off the subject that a lot of
you are interested in, but please bear with me today.
Because IF you play the wonderful game of mah jongg,
or know someone who does, this is really great fun!

There may be times when you are craving to play but can
only find one other person available. You feel disappointed
because you think that is not enough, right?

Wrong! There is Honeymoon Mah Jongg! And this is
how it goes!

Each person puts 13 tiles on her rack. 
The rest of the tiles are put face down in the 
middle of the table.
You really need only one card to share if that is all you have!
The first player starts by drawing a tile and discarding one.
 The second player does the same.
  Play just like the regular game. 
Pick up the tile that has been discarded or draw a new tile.
You can take a joker that the other person has put up on 
her rack just as in the regular game. 
The game continues until someone makes a mah jongg or
all the tiles have been drawn.
It is great fun!

Try Two-Handed Mah Jongg,
aka Honeymoon Mah Jongg,
the next time there are two of you who 
want to get up a game. 

If you have any questions,
just let me know.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Donna,

    We sometimes play this way when there are just the two Mah Jongg Doctors and we want to become familiar with a new card. Love it.

    The Mah Jongg Drs: Susan and Barbara


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