Friday, July 6, 2012

Wrapped Denim Bracelet--A Tutorial

My latest project is a wrapped denim bracelet to be paired with your casual
wear. It is completely adjustable, and depending on the length, you can make
it wrap as many times as you want. My inspiration was from one of my very
first pins that I found HERE.

 Here's my bracelet and how I made it...

1. Cut out the double-stitched seam from a pair of old jeans.
2. Decide on the length you are going to work with by wrapping
it around your wrist. This one is 16" so I was able to get
two bracelets out of one inside leg seam. 
3. If you do not want any fraying, you can apply Fray Check,
(found in any fabric department.) I didn't mind a little fraying. 
4. I used a 20 gauge copper jewelry wire, doubled, and ran
it through the inside of the seam. This takes a little coaxing,
but it does work.
5. Once I had about five inches sticking out from both 
ends, I cut the wire off of the spool. I would rather have too 
much than too little. You may have to adjust.
6. I put my bead on one of the wires and make a decorative coil.
Make sure you have thought ahead and chosen beads  that will
fit through the wire.
7. With the other wire, bring it right under the bead and wrap it 
around the other wire 3 or 4 times. Snip off the end.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other end.
9. Take your bracelet  and wrap it around a narrow jar to
obtain the circular shape.
10. Put it on your wrist and admire your finished bracelet!

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  1. I really love this project especialy because I have a thing about denim. Pinned it, following you on linky followers now too :)

  2. What a simple and cute idea! They would certainly be one of a kind.

    Just stopping by from Say it Saturday!

  3. Donna..........PINNED IT!!! Thanks for the help.
    This is really a cute idea. Now I'm going up to become your most recent follower. 8-)

  4. Donna, thank you for stopping by! I pinned your tutorial also and became a follower! What a great and easy idea! :)

  5. Donna thanks again for linking up with me! I promised my girls braclets for Christmas last year and still haven't made them :( I think I'm going to try yours, love it.


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