Friday, July 13, 2012

A Good Mail Day

It is considered a "good mail day" when I receive a handmade card
from one of my friends--like yesterday.

The three coordinated papers
The layout
The kraft card base
Circles showcasing that cute hi 

Love the thought..

Freebie Friday

Printable nature postcards @

Printable sentiment @ Create with TLC
These freebies expire so print or save to your
computer now!

Frame it @ Create with TLC

The Plum Crumb that I made last week-end
turned out really great, but I forgot to take a picture
of it.
Being that plums are in season NOW, I am showing
you the picture from Taste of Home, which is
where the recipe is from, and linking you to
that site in case you are interested in making
it any time soon.

Plum Crumb Dessert @ Taste of Home

Changes I made--
I added an extra egg to the topping ingredients so it was dough-like
rather than dry, then omitted the stick of butter.
Instead, I just put some pats of butter on top of the
dough at the end of the baking time and let it melt in. 
It would be best served slightly warm.

I made homemade vanilla ice cream with my Cuisinart
and it received rave reviews by all!

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