Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do You Use Embossing Powder?

It just seemed a natural to put these Basic Grey papers
on a kraft card base.
The pink was supposed to cover the whole top part, but I
cut it short, so I had to put Plan B in action and come
up with a different layout.
Actually, I think it turned out more interesting than it would
have originally been.

I purchased this Magenta plant stamp eons ago when I
first began stamping, and I am sorry to say that I
have never used before.
I stamped it in Versamark and embossed it with
Metallic Medley embossing powder.
When I was a newbie, I thought I had to have
every color embossing powder under the sun,
not realizing at the time that the basic black, clear, silver,
gold, and copper was ALL I would ever need.

Tip:  I made a reference chart by embossing a circle with each of
the embossing powders. Then, when I am making a card and
am not sure what color to use, I refer to this chart to see 
what looks best. I keep this chart pinned to my
bulletin board so it is always close at hand. 

The punch and sentiment are both Stampin' Up
and the rest speaks for itself. 

I don't use embossing powder very often, but I
really don't know why.
It can really add that extra touch to an
ordinary card, and it is so easy to do.

How about you?
Do you emboss?

Taking a Trip
We are going back to Illinois tomorrow to
host a family reunion so I will be taking
a break from the computer--both email and blogging.

I have not been back to the town where we lived for the
first 16 years of our married life in five years, so it
will be good to reconnect with family and friends.

Our daughter is taking her husband there for the
first time so that will be fun.  

I hope that you won't forget about me and will
join me for more crafts, recipes, tips, and talk
when I return.
I appreciate every one of you.

Stay safe and happy.

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